Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey, it's my favorite free, downloadable Haggadah!
I realize it's not ortho. It's stocked and stacked, though, and if you need lots of copies, you can download and print at your local fedex/kinko's in time for seders. It's not the old red and yellow one -- it's more user-friendly, and has full transliteration and lots of other things, in addition to all the regular haggadah stuff.

I love haggadahs (except for the part where it talks about asking God to do not nice things to our enemies and stuff -- I prefer the see a skull in the water>drowned>drowned>goes around comes around approach of pirkei avot, for that sort of thing, and I figure if I'm on it, God's on it, and knows what's up and will take care of anyone who's messing with me when the time is right, even if I never hear about it. Sometimes it's better that way; I'd rather not hear about bad things happening to people, and I certainly don't want to be given opportunities to be tempted to be happy about that, even if I feel it's deserved). blah blah blah

It's an awesome haggadah. If you have a haggadah that you'd like to recommend, please feel free to do so. I love checking out new Haggadahs. I will give cheers to the Santa Cruz haggadah, too:
It's by no means a traditional Haggadah, but it's got some great food for thought and is worth a read, imo. The website has some fun stuff on it, too, if you poke around.

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