Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Next Time You're at the Market

Check out the green grapes. They're just Bursting, this time of year. They're totally fabulous! Shechiyanu material, for sure!

Monday, July 28, 2008

my friend sent his kid to chabad day camp

the boy now wears a kippah and asked for tzitzit. :) Go figure. ((little observant boys))

I'm not a city girl, not by a long shot.

I was on the subway, the other week. I was sitting, and I realized my eyes were at crotch level. I guess I've become a bit of a prude. Boy, I wished I had a newspaper! I closed my eyes, after a while. He was wearing a nice suit; he was in real estate; it was all sort of amusing, but definitely not very tzniusdik. Not for me.

I have more respect

for someone who has one mitzvah that means something to them that they keep
than I do for someone who rocks it orthoprax but feels nothing inside
but what do I know?

I do know that what I respect (or not) doesn't matter to anyone but me. And I know I'm not in this world to run around passing judgment on others for how or what they believe (or don't).


graphic bleeding cupping pics of spider bite venom extraction available upon request

I am distancing myself from one at my education's expense
that totally sucks
but I can understand folks being put off by that much time spent together

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New Mastersounds

Being able to go see good music like this is why I work a day job to support my freelance copy-editing habit.
Here's a bit about last night, copied and pasted from the band's board:

Rocks Off Boat Cruise NYC 7/10/2008 Setlist

Coming up
Hole in the Bag
The Minx
This Aint Work
3 on the B
Baby Bouncer
All I want is
Aint no telling
You've got it all

Set II
Thermal Bad
Carrot Juice
Return to Gijon
Give me a minute Pt. 2>
6 Underground
Fast Man
Word Love ** Special guest Rhianna ( http://www.last.fm/music/Rhianna No not that one. A much better one from Leeds. She's a friend of the band and an AMAZING vocalist.
One Note Brown

Eazin Down
Thank you for lettin me be mice elf.

Here's a clip of them doing their tune "3 on the B."

I'll try and get some pictures up on my facebook account later. My user name there is Sarah Bee. Feel free to say hi.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4 Tammuz (misc. catch-up)

Hey, it's my Hebrew birthday. Will celebrate in Long Beach, NY, tonight by seeing Simply Tsfat at Long Beach Ave. boardwalk from 7pm-8pm. Had some fun with nanach fellows at chulent/bssbftuk on Thursday night, too. Good times.

Saw Penguin Revolution on Saturday night. It's ridiculous how good their trumpet player is. Not a bad guy, either. Long Beach is full of wonderful guys who aren't interested in me (and the one who is, is not for me). I might as well become Breslov. lol I'm kidding. I'm not going to wear skirts every day.

Looking forward to some live music this week, this weekend. Life is good. I had some great chats with my dad yesterday and helped my step-grandmother find her youthful smile again. My dad had a chest pain yesterday, while we were driving.

While it would be ideal for him to just die of a heart attack (no prolonged hospital/aging ickiness), I'm very glad he didn't have a heart attack while he was behind the wheel. The thought of my father dying upsets me very much, but I realize it will happen, one day. I hope I am there when it does. That would be a horrible phone call for my stepmother/sister to have to make.

My sister had a friend over while I was there yesterday. She introduced me to him as her half-sister. It's true, we're only 50% blood relations. I never held that against her, 'cause it's not like she chose to only be 50% related to me. I don't think she holds it against me that we're not 100% related, I think she was just being factual.

Still, it was the first time I'd heard myself referred to as a half-sister before. It was kind of weird. Oh, well. I really am. It's not like I live there, or anything. More like a 5% or 10% sister, if you measure by time spent. 3%, maybe.

Just got word that a friend's pop died. RIP. :( :heart:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I'm 32 years old today. Happy to be here, happy to be alive. Spoke w/my mom and w/my dad this morning. My sister was on the voice mail from my dad. I love my friends very much. Part of me feels like I'm getting old, or something (like I should get married, etc.), but if I had wanted to be, I could've already been married for five years, now. I think my dad was 32, when I was born. My mom was 24. I'm glad to be at work today; I've been unemployed on my birthday -- it's not a good feeling. I have no idea what I'm doing tonight, but that doesn't bother me. I might head out east and catch the sunset. Who knows?