Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nice email from a former colleague

(Names are changed for her privacy; she and I shared an office. We didn't always get agree about everything, but there was always mutual respect.)


When I arrived at the office yesterday morning, (our supervisor) told me that you had been let go.

My immediate reaction was an unrelenting sadness – sad because of the position that you are now in – sad because I had lost my (not always) silent partner.

Professionally and personally you have nurtured me in countless ways:

In areas that I was unfamiliar with I always knew that I could turn around and ask your advice – whether it would be how to find some important information on the Internet – the meaning or correct use of a word – the correct approach to answering a “[first name of publisher] question”.

I am a healthier, more productive and kinder person for having known you. Because of you [her acupuncturist/my East Asian medicine mentor and sensei] and [her flute teacher, with whom I connected her] are a part of my life – because of you I learned how to be kind to my cat. I am a better person in so many ways for having known you and I sincerely appreciate and will always be grateful for your influence on me.

I am here – if I can help – just ask.


[her name]

So I emailed her back, thanking her for her note and asking her how I might word some of what I did for her, professionally, on my resume. She replied:

Don’t limit yourself to just Software research.

What I found amazing about you – and I counted on -- was your ability to find anything on the Web – to input the most precise search query which would return only the most relevant sites.

Please use me as a reference since I am the head of the web department at [where I worked].

Seeking Additional Employment

Tight economy = I was let go, last week. I've got 10 years of experience (mostly in editorial, a few years in marketing) in trade magazines publishing. I'm not opposed to a career change. If my wallet were bottomless, I'd just go to school full time and become an acupuncturist in three years. But I need health insurance, so I need a position that will offer me that. I love copy editing -- my brain is wired for it, some people are quite aware of that, and I hope to have some freelance work headed my way in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime -- have brains, will travel (and half-asleep right now, pardon me). Challenges welcome. I need to tweak my resume; I'll take care of that this week. Things will work out for the best, in the long run.

I certainly wouldn't mind working someplace shabbos-friendly, but it would have to be a really cool job if it were the kind that would require me to wear a skirt every day. (By cool, I mean something challenging.)


Observations of Shabbos

I was cranky all day because I really wanted to take a shower. Feeling dirty doesn't bring me closer to God. It makes me want to pass out until it is over. Other than that, it was very nice. What's the deal with taking a shower on Shabbos? No hot water, but cold water's fine? If so, I totally would've taken a cold shower, earlier today. Best thing about shabbos being over was taking a shower. I like being clean.

If you add a peeled, chopped zucchini to your potato kugel recipe, it makes the kugel extra wonderful. I see no reason not to substitute the oil in potato kugel recipes with applesauce. But that's coming from someone who made up an applesauce noodle kugel recipe.

I love my family.