Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gratitude / Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm feeling more like myself again (not thinking about my leg hurting), which is great. Still can't wait to get the splint off. Able to sit in a chair in front of a computer without my leg hurting more.

Getting a little of my sass back. And my desire and drive to clean up/take care, more.

Just when things were getting boring, my mom dislocated her knee this morning, then popped it back into place. Then it popped out again. I believe she will go to the doctor tomorrow (or I will rat her out to her mother and then my Bub will drag her to the ER, and won't that be fun? Nope.).


I'm glad I know I'm not MacGuyver or House. My mom is as stubbornly autonomous as I am. It's kind of amusing. I love her. I'm running low on vics and will be able to drive again, soon. Can't wait.

I hope everyone's doing well. I've been having a hard time dealing with Mike's death, but some days are better than others. A friend said he's my angel, now. He would believe that, so I'll go with it. He wanted nothing less than for me to be happy. I'm very happy he's not in pain anymore. Love is funny, but it's good. I learned a lot about love and friendship from him. That lives in me.