Monday, July 7, 2008

4 Tammuz (misc. catch-up)

Hey, it's my Hebrew birthday. Will celebrate in Long Beach, NY, tonight by seeing Simply Tsfat at Long Beach Ave. boardwalk from 7pm-8pm. Had some fun with nanach fellows at chulent/bssbftuk on Thursday night, too. Good times.

Saw Penguin Revolution on Saturday night. It's ridiculous how good their trumpet player is. Not a bad guy, either. Long Beach is full of wonderful guys who aren't interested in me (and the one who is, is not for me). I might as well become Breslov. lol I'm kidding. I'm not going to wear skirts every day.

Looking forward to some live music this week, this weekend. Life is good. I had some great chats with my dad yesterday and helped my step-grandmother find her youthful smile again. My dad had a chest pain yesterday, while we were driving.

While it would be ideal for him to just die of a heart attack (no prolonged hospital/aging ickiness), I'm very glad he didn't have a heart attack while he was behind the wheel. The thought of my father dying upsets me very much, but I realize it will happen, one day. I hope I am there when it does. That would be a horrible phone call for my stepmother/sister to have to make.

My sister had a friend over while I was there yesterday. She introduced me to him as her half-sister. It's true, we're only 50% blood relations. I never held that against her, 'cause it's not like she chose to only be 50% related to me. I don't think she holds it against me that we're not 100% related, I think she was just being factual.

Still, it was the first time I'd heard myself referred to as a half-sister before. It was kind of weird. Oh, well. I really am. It's not like I live there, or anything. More like a 5% or 10% sister, if you measure by time spent. 3%, maybe.

Just got word that a friend's pop died. RIP. :( :heart: