Friday, May 2, 2008

Aidel like Whom?

So, I earned my yellow belt (judo) and started some dental work yesterday (surprise root canal that needs to be finished and hurts like a #@%&*). I've realized there's so much I could write, but I don't want this to be full of my random thoughts. I need to keep a journal for my medical qigong class, too, so I figure I ought to be writing some stuff there.

I'm looking forward to seeing my dad's side of the family at my cousin's wedding on Sunday. Bummed to have missed a road trip for shabbos away, but shabbos is every week, so hopefully I'll be able to do that another time. Life is good, I just want my tooth to stop hurting. God bless Tylenol with codeine. It makes me sleepy, but it makes the pain stop (yay!).

Better days ahead. I want to post some links to some more blogs. I've been reading them for years, now, and there are lots of great ones. For example, and I don't agree with everything on any blog, but I am a bit of a psych nerd and this blog is chock full of Captain Obvious, which certainly has its applications: I'm not saying it's great. I had some other blogs in mind when I wrote that. (no offense to whoever's behind spiritize)

I resized the text in several of my posts. I'll get to the rest at some point soon. Have a beautiful weekend, all.