Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Booby (Newby/Boo-Boo): A Little Miracle

A deaf, declawed cat was dumped, showed up at a guy named Rich's house; a woman named Victoria posted about him; a month later, he was neutered and became a holiday miracle. He's a good boy. Is he really a miracle? That's debatable, but I picked up that cat without knowing where he'd be homed, figuring if I do the right thing, things will work out okay. Little did I know, my mom would fall in love with him. (As much as that fact isn't a surprise to anyone who knows her, I totally hadn't planned on her winding up taking him in. My grandmother, who lives with my mom, was totally understanding re: a declawed, deaf cat doesn't belong outdoors. I really thought his stay at their house would be temporary.) Here are some pictures.

Music and Adoption

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Year's Chanukah Theme

Is Cleaning. Taking care of the home, tcb, etc. I brought my car in to be fixed; they washed it and cleaned part of the inside. It looks great!! The rest of it looks awful. I need to remove all of the cat hair and dust from my life. The Fall 2009 Judo season ended the other day. It was great. We start again in 8-10 weeks. I can't wait. The kids are awesome.

Here's some Phish to go with this year's theme (below).