Monday, March 29, 2010

Seder Songs

Some videos have women on vocals. Here are the aish versions, transliterated.
And here's the The Open Door, the CCAR Haggadah, which is available in .pdf for free download.

I had a bunch, then my computer crashed. Will try to get them all back up over the next 8 days.

Kadesh Urchatz (the order of stuff)

Kiddush (starts about 1:00 in)

HaLachma Anya

Mah Nishtana

Avadim Hayinu

Story of Four Sons

Rabbi Mitelman from Hofstra Hillel had a couple of good things to say. I wasn't actively involved, when I was there, but he's a cool guy, and it beats the usual rabbis doing math adventures (imo):

Grateful Dead Seder? Apparently. Also found this bit about Bill Graham.



Shulchan Orech





Echad Mi Yodea

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