Monday, June 2, 2008

Sefiratastic, indeed!

Hey, a capella-only people! Check this out, from Lyrics Born (there is some not-a capella stuff here, but it's all clearly labeled). Below is a copy/paste of their email newsletter.


106 KMEL in San Francisco has been playing "Differences" pretty regularly, but they have yet to add it to the rotation. That's where y'all come in!

We need ALL the L-Beezies out there to call in and email KMEL to request "Differences".

(800) 955-KMEL

Make as many requests per day as you can. Even if you're not in the Bay Area you can still participate. If you don't want to call, make sure you email your request.

Together we can get LB on major rotation on KMEL. Let's do it up, do it big!!!

Here's a special message to all of y'all from LB himself:


The latest LBTV clips are right here:

4.22.08 was the date of release for the new record from Lyrics Born, "Everywhere At Once". This is the fourth in a series of exclusive video clips showing a day in the life of Lyrics Born -- this being the day his new album dropped.
The day continued as LB hit Rasputin Music in Berkeley, CA for an exclusive in-store performance and album signing.

Lateef The Truthspeaker (Latyrx, Mighty Underdogs), Trackademicks (Honor Roll) and DJ D-Sharp (Quannum Projects, Urban Republic) discuss the new record, "Everywhere At Once".


We've got somethin' very special for all of the L-Beezies; a capella versions of the current LB singles, "I Like It, I Love It", "Hott 2 Deff", "Differences" and "Top Shelf". LB wanted to share these with y'all as a thank you for everything.

Feel free to use these vocals-only tracks to make your own remixes. If you think you've got a hot mix go ahead and send it in and who knows -- maybe LB will throw your mix on his next Variety Show mixtape.

Download the clean a capella versions here (right click and "save target as"):

"I Like It, I Love It"

"Hott 2 Deff"


"Top Shelf"

Send in your mixes to

This month LB got the honor of being NPR's artist of the day on May 16th with "I Like It, I Love It".

" a time when too much rap feels grim and cumbersome, the throwback vibe of "I Like It, I Love It" speaks to simple, often distant pleasures — a moment when hip-hop, pop, R&B, and a sing-along hook rolled together as one."

click here to view the entire article and hear the song

The song continues to get international exposure on radio and the web with no signs of slowing down. Look for a video of the song coming very soon directed by Neon (the same people who have done videos for Common, Kanye West and others).

As LB himself would say, "...they can't stop us!"


I really feel for this woman

I wish I had an answer.

Excerpt from link above:

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate and interact with others. It is more severe in some people than others. Adam has limited verbal skills.

Walz did not return calls seeking comment, but Jane Marrin, who works for the Diocese of St. Cloud and is acting as a spokeswoman for the parish, said the church board tried working with the Races to find "reasonable accommodations." That included offering a video feed of Mass that could be watched in the church basement.

The family refused all suggestions, she said.

"It's a difficult issue," Marrin said. "There are no easy answers."

Carol Race dismissed the church's suggestion that Adam watch a video feed in the church basement, saying that "does not have the same status as attending Mass. Otherwise we could all just sit home and watch it on TV and not bother to come in."

"It's considered a sin in the Catholic church not to attend Mass on Sundays and every holy day of obligation," she said. "And that's what this is about. I'm just trying to fulfill my obligations."