Monday, July 28, 2008

my friend sent his kid to chabad day camp

the boy now wears a kippah and asked for tzitzit. :) Go figure. ((little observant boys))

I'm not a city girl, not by a long shot.

I was on the subway, the other week. I was sitting, and I realized my eyes were at crotch level. I guess I've become a bit of a prude. Boy, I wished I had a newspaper! I closed my eyes, after a while. He was wearing a nice suit; he was in real estate; it was all sort of amusing, but definitely not very tzniusdik. Not for me.

I have more respect

for someone who has one mitzvah that means something to them that they keep
than I do for someone who rocks it orthoprax but feels nothing inside
but what do I know?

I do know that what I respect (or not) doesn't matter to anyone but me. And I know I'm not in this world to run around passing judgment on others for how or what they believe (or don't).


graphic bleeding cupping pics of spider bite venom extraction available upon request

I am distancing myself from one at my education's expense
that totally sucks
but I can understand folks being put off by that much time spent together