Thursday, May 29, 2008

related to women studying gemara

Designated Heimish <--check out the comments (talkbacks). There's some high comedy in there.

Hirhurim I
Hirhurim II

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I'm boycotting certain words

Goy, goyim, shiksa, shaigetz. (I don't say schvartzeh, but if I did, I'd stop using that, too.) There are too many people who use those words in a not nice way. It's not cool, and I don't want to be associated with that. I can't change people, just my reaction to their actions, so there it is. Besides, people manage to learn that I'm Jewish. I'm glad to learn what their belief system (or lack thereof) is called. That's just simple respect and courtesy toward my fellow (hu)man.

Disclaimer: If I write man, it's short for human, if I'm not referring to someone in particular. There's nothing sexist about saving keystrokes.

This is kind of a stupid post. I've been having lots of fun over at Heshy's place (blog). And working. I need to do that more.