Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some links to stuff on intermarriage

The Biblical Case for Intermarriage

Study: Boston's intermarried 'as observant' as Reform Jews


  1. sarah, you're awesome :) I think i'm going to send that first link to my dad if/when I write back to him.

  2. Here is what I have to say about that article that you want your dad to read about intermarriage.

    It totally cleared things up for me. Now I'm positive that I don't want to be "that guy". I don't want to be the one who encourages people to marry non-Jews and therefore helps lead them away from G-d and Judaism.

    Shocked? Well, it's really your own fault. When shaping your argument, you make the crux of your point the fact that your ancestor's intermarried and that intermarriage has been around as long as we have as a nation, so why not? Well your examples proves the point of why not get intermarried perfectly.

    "Moses did not marry a daughter of Israel."

    -Correct he did not. BTW just wondering, what was the name of Moshe's kids? Don't know? Well most people don't because they are never mentioned again once the Jews leave Egypt. Why you may ask? Because they all turned away from the Jewish people to the point that within 3 generations Moshe's children had intermarried so much that they no longer were Jewish. Ever wonder why we never hear about the descendants of Moshe?

    "Solomon, the ‘wisest’ of the Jews, followed the tradition of his ancestor Moses and married an African, the Queen of Sheba."

    -Correct. Solomon married many non-Jewish woman, and was punished for it. In fact when Solomon died that was when the Jewish Kingdom was split in 2, eventually leading to the destruction of the Temple. Each of his kids out to kill each other generation after generation. And the time they spent not killing each other, they spent worshiping idols and trying to convert Jews away from G-d.

    "the Jews would have been decimated had Queen Esther not slept with the uncircumcised"

    -I'm sorry I can't give you this one. She married him because the Jews would be killed otherwise. No one is holding a gun to the people who are getting intermarried head's today.

    "When Moses’ brother and sister complained about his choice in a life partner, God punished Miriam with leprosy. In other words, it wasn’t intermarriage God seemed worried about: it was whether one would use intermarriage as an excuse to leave the community and follow other gods, or whether one would remain loyal and cleave to the covenant."

    -Ooo so sorry, you were on a roll there. In fact, the reason they were punished was for talking lashon hara about Moshe. Proving a MUCH more important point, just because someone decides to make a mistake no matter how bad, it shouldn't affect you enough to break the Jewish law as well. They broke the law and were punished for their own actions, no matter how bad Moshe's mistake was.

    "Joseph married an Egyptian princess.

    Joseph married an Egyptian princess who had converted to Judaism before hand. Don't believe that? Fine, I will do you one better. Most people say there were no Jews until Moshe (that the Jews didn't exist until the giving of the Torah) so there was nobody for him to marry. In fact the only "Jews" were his own relatives. Kinda limits his options a little

    "King David, none other than the prophesized forbearer of the Messiah, married Batsheva, whose former husband was a Hittite–one of the original and circumscribed non-Israel tribes in the land of Canaan."

    -King David married a woman who was JEWISH. Just because her former husband was non-Jewish doesn't say anything. If anything it says just the opposite. David was rewarded for bringing Batsheva back into the fold of the Jewish people and Batsheva the same. How does ones former husband have any baring on intermarriage?

    Let us also not forget that the reform movement has no problems with people marrying outside the faith. And the most famous Reform Temple in NYC tried to have a commemoration of their 100 years in NY recently and you know how many relative of former members they were able to find? 0. None. Not One. Why? because they had all converted, and intermarriage out of the faith.

    So thanks. Thank you so much for putting it in perspective. For our forefathers have taught us a very important lesson about intermarriage. No matter how great someone is, they can be the greatest prophet in history...if they intermarry their children will almost certainly be lost to the Jewish people forever. And no amount of splitting the red sea will ever bring them back