Thursday, July 10, 2008

The New Mastersounds

Being able to go see good music like this is why I work a day job to support my freelance copy-editing habit.
Here's a bit about last night, copied and pasted from the band's board:

Rocks Off Boat Cruise NYC 7/10/2008 Setlist

Coming up
Hole in the Bag
The Minx
This Aint Work
3 on the B
Baby Bouncer
All I want is
Aint no telling
You've got it all

Set II
Thermal Bad
Carrot Juice
Return to Gijon
Give me a minute Pt. 2>
6 Underground
Fast Man
Word Love ** Special guest Rhianna ( No not that one. A much better one from Leeds. She's a friend of the band and an AMAZING vocalist.
One Note Brown

Eazin Down
Thank you for lettin me be mice elf.

Here's a clip of them doing their tune "3 on the B."

I'll try and get some pictures up on my facebook account later. My user name there is Sarah Bee. Feel free to say hi.

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