Wednesday, April 16, 2008

from an email I wrote to a fellow blogger about guys and stuff.


If I'm actually in shul, I daven (as long as I'm there, might as well, you know?). The only dude I'd ever looked for in the men's section before was my dad.

But there I was at this wedding, and there were all these men (and after quickly determining who probably had a wedding ring on or was under 18/over 50 and ignoring them, there were still some guys left over. Huzzah! Probably-single men in nice suits ready to rip it up like folks at orthodox weddings do.

It made me realize it will be impossible to marry anyone, or at least I'll have to send an acclimation guide [along w/audio disc of od yishama and other tunes people should know at weddings] to my non-Jewish, music-loving friends to prepare them for that sort of experience, along with the invitation, if/whenever I do wind up getting married.

I'm thinking a bonfire wedding at Harriman on L'ag B'Omer in 2010 (it falls on a Sunday, then). Oh, wait, I'd need to meet someone first. lol Someone that I like and who likes me.

I think you hit the nail on the head the other day when you wrote something like having a blog means running into cool people -- yes -- marriageable, not so much.

I don't even know what hashkafically means (I have since learned what it means), but I think it's agreeing about whether or not to cover hair/wear skirts/etc., based on context. That stuff's pretty important.

On another level, and maybe it comes from being a few years older (and that I'm willing to be w/someone and wind up being more observant, not less observant [and I feel like a jerk writing people off for putting "not at all" in the slot about keeping kosher, but I'd really like to be with someone who cares to some degree about that, and (I'm adding returns so it's easier to read. I know how to form a paragraph.)

I'm not going to feel bad for wanting to be with someone who understands that not eating milchigs and fleishigs together isn't about being some sort of penguin droid with no brain [which is not to say by any means that all who dress like penguins are brainless droids -- far from it], it's about being compassionate -- and

I wouldn't want to be with yanky who sits and learns all day if he doesn't understand that I don't eat cheeseburgers anymore 'cause I want what I eat to remind me to be compassionate and to reflect compassion as a conscious choice,

not to rack up points on some tzivos hashem mitzvah mission like when I was a kid, or because some dude with a beard in the sky played telephone with moshe a million years ago), or to get me a good place in olam haba

(I'm the one who's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to. -R'Hendrix)

but I also write people off who don't write cat in the pets they like, so I guess I'm really, really shallow]. (kidding -- I have cats. I don't want to be with someone who can't hang with cats. I don't feel bad about that, either. If I met someone [not online] who was super-allergic to cats and he and I fell in love, I'd consider finding them homes. Online, though, it's easy to be picky, I suppose.)

Yeah, it's time for me to get a blog of my own. lol
Good. Maybe it'll help me meet somebody.
Gotta fix my front brake first, tonight.
Priorities! :) Camp rides.

3/18/08, 8:38 PM

Post-script: Brake pads have been changed, but the actual brake needs adjusting. -4/16/08

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