Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Re: Organ Donation

Rabbinic Statement Regarding Organ Donation and Brain Death: Rabbinic Statement Regarding Organ Donation: "We, the undersigned Orthodox rabbis and rashei yeshiva affirm the following principles with regard to organ donation and brain stem death: ..."

I'm an organ donor. I'd like to donate my body (after death) to a dental school to help future dentists learn about the human body. (They dissect cadavers. By the time I die, they may use plasticized human bodies to learn from, like in the Bodies exhibit.)

One of my cats has lost many of her teeth, and she drools when she's happy. I wipe her mouth with a paper towel. She's a good cat. ((little old lady cat))

I believe that if my soul has a physical whatever in olam haba that I'll have my ankle back the way it was before I broke it. Going by this "logic," I won't need glasses in olam haba, but I figure I'll be wearing them there, anyway, just 'cause I'm so used to wearing them. But I'll be able to see just fine without them, too. Sure, why not? :)

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