Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Right On

Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting nusach*. Anyway, I found the below here:

Interestingly, the Italian Jews say in their nusach, Nusach Italki, she-asani Yisrael [(bless the One ) who made me a Jew] instead of shelo asani goy [(bless the One) who did not make me a non-Jew], they also say she-asani ben-chorin (free man) instead of shelo asani eved [who did not make me a slave] and they said she-asani gaver [who made me a man] instead of shelo asani isha [who did not make me a woman].
So basically same thing but different way of saying or looking at it.”

I can dig it. And I see a huge difference. And I am very happy to have recently made an online pal who also digs chazzanos**.

* (basically, style of text in j-liturgy)
** (what the cantors sing; cantors are the dudes who lead the prayers at communal services; they usually have some sort of musical training)

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