Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reb Shlomo Flashback

I had a flashback that I had been blessed in the womb by R'Shlomo Carlebach (z"l), so I texted my mom and asked her if it was true.

She replied:
Yes. We knew a MD in Toronto whose sister married him. We went to the MD's son's bar mitzvah. I was pregnant with you at the time. He put his hands on my abdomen and uttered a blessing like it was what he was supposed to do. Did not even ask if he could touch me. He was very charismatic.

Me: Lol. I went to hoshanah rabah at his shul w/abba when I was little. It was long. Lots of singing (holy holy, then the part w/whacking the hoshanos). Circles.

Eema: He was like that. Great melodies, records. He was the Jewish (Pete) Seeger of the '70s.

Me: Yeah, I have your records.

Eema: Can you make me a CD?

So I told her I could buy her one (my records are in boxes and my stereos aren't hooked up to my computer) and how to find videos of him on youtube, and she requested I pick one up for her of his stuff from the '70s. Cool.

My mom has some spark (she went through a lot of hell) left in her. I'm happy to reunite her with that. Music is a healer, and it makes people happy. She deserves all the happiness in the world.

I remember meeting Reb Shlomo w/my dad, at at least one point. He was as she described ... charismatic. Good times.

Posting 'cause I'm not currently keeping a notebook, and this is the sort of story of which I don't want to forget the details. I wonder what kind of bracha you make on a growing baby? Regular Friday night blessing, I'd imagine, for both genders, since in the womb.

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