Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snoopy Jobby Job (hunt continues), Music Ban, Agunot

Neat piece here:

RE: the bannage
I got the google news alert on the music ban 'cause Lipa's name was in it. Frum Satire's post on it links to a couple of really good posts on the topic, notably Y-Love's and the one at Wolfish Musings (Wolfish Musings rocks, btw).

RE: agunah
Big cheers to Jameel for this post on getting tough on agunah. What was most surprising to me is that there are some women who won't grant their husbands gets. To me, this is equally reprehensible, and these women should be pursued with equal "that's not cool/stop it" as men.


  1. I did get your comment on my fishing blog, I obviously removed it as it wasn't related to the topic.

    I must admit that I know nothing about that condition, I'm not doctor. Whatever the case, certain people with certain conditions shouldn't be working certain jobs.
    That's not to say they are totally useless pr shouldn't be allowed to work at all.


    In April,

    Come he will,

    In May,

    Sing all day,

    In June,

    Change his tune,

    In July,

    Prepare to fly,

    In August,

    Go he must!
    ~by maple story accounts