Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Compilation of links re: child abuse / inappropriate physical contact from J Organizations

If I'm missing something, please add it as a comment or direct me to it and I'll edit this list. Thank you. The most up to date posts from R'Twerski appear here.

Torah Umesorah
(click link above and scroll down to #27 for the rest of this post)




Baltimore Rabbis




A good comment from VIN that lays out some practical ideas on handling this. (scroll down past the initial part)


Another very good comment on VIN


And one more


Train to recognize this stuff (online), also from a VIN comment


Great words from Mikey in the comments on this article:

Stop pointing fingers at people who are trying to help -
A. point your finger at your telephone and call the Menahel or Rosh Yeshiva or Administrator of your kids yeshiva or day school.

B. Ask them what they are doing as per background checks of Rebbes and teachers

C. Ask them if they have fingerprinted and DNA cheek swabbed the Rebbe/Teacher

D. If the answer is not satisfactory get together with the other parents in your kids class/school and demand that action be taken - and yes you can change how the school/yeshiva operates

E. Worst case change which school/yeshiva your child attends - arrange a sit-in protest in the yeshiva/school - do something preventive


sex offender registries in all states. people can make sure their children’s teachers aren’t on those lists.

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