Monday, August 18, 2008

Rock Stars of Classical Asian Medicine: Sun Simiao

He didn't suck. Or slack. Wrote a ton of stuff. Made many formulas. Neat.


  1. Hey, Sara, what happened to Hesh's blog?

  2. I don't know, man. I guess it's offline, for some reason. I'm sure he'll get it fixed once he finds out.

    Should I dig up and post something for you to comment on? :)

  3. I was in the mountains all weekend without internet access. I just wanted an Isreal update. Thanks for the offer.

    Sorry, but I dont really know sh+++ about "Classical Asian Medicine"

  4. jameel the muqata (sp?) has had pretty good updates, and he links to some other bloggers who are there. you might want to check their blogs out (sorry, no links). Hirhurim is also there, and Treppenwitz, I think.

    I'll try to find some old Judaic content from my myspace blog to keep you entertained (and I've been meaning to post it to this one, anyway) today.

    Could this hesh-out be what it takes to get you to start a blog? :faints:

    you can also go to google, click more, grab blogs from the drop-down menu and do a search for the nbn blogger convention.

  5. About starting my own blog, I have contemplated it many times, and couldnt come with a way to be totally truthfull about myself, my feelings, and any views, and still remain annonymous.

  6. if you're not willing to stand behind your words, what good are they? I'm not trying to pick a fight, I just don't understand the desire to be completely anonymous. Granted, I don't post my last name, but that is because I am the not-super-observant offspring of someone in the observant community (whose profession is jcommunity-related) and I do not want my "lifestyle" or anything I may write to be misinterpreted mistakenly as having been inspired by any lack of frumkeit on his part.

  7. I cannot be honest with my identity for a very simple reason. I dont want to be shunned by the community I currently live in. For myself, I think, I am ready to let everyone know, and suffer teh concenquences. But not until I will be willing to sacrifice my wife and kids, will I be totally honest.

    I know that for most people who dont live in such a closely nit community have a hard tiem understanding such a concept.

    whats going on wiht hesh's site?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. hey, heimish, you can get your hesh fix from other people writing about him, here:

  10. No. I am not gay. Thank god I don’t have that issue. But it mostly revolves about yiddishkiet, orthopraxy, god, relationships, and family, that wouldn’t do much good for me, in my community, if it would be known that I haves these views. ( you didn’t have to delete it, I dint take it personally)

  11. If Abandoning Eden’s non-observance were at one end of a scale, and Hesh’s MO/liberal/tolerance were at the other end of the same scale, where would the feelings you do not wish to make public in order to maintain your lifestyle fall on it? (would they fall on that scale at all? Or is there a blogger whose jparadigm you feel is similar to the one you’d share publicly, if you could?

    If the right-winging is a front, you do it well. I don’t know how old your kids are, but are you able to encourage tolerance and acceptance of the less observant on their part at all?

    How messed up is it that people take a perfectly good spiritual paradigm, add intolerance and basically keep some of its members by voluntary emotional blackmail?

    (No one is blackmailed without their consent, but I don’t know an parent who wouldn’t maintain an already existing orthodox lifestyle for their kid(s)’ sake).

    I erased that comment in case you were actually gay. That’s personal, and if anyone does know who you are, I wouldn’t want them to think you were. Anyway, my offer to correspond off-blog still stands. By no means a come-on; I just know what it’s like to feel differently and afraid to tell your loved ones about it (yeah, me and many other jbloggers). My dad knows we have lifestyle differences, but he loves me, anyway.

    I don’t throw it in his face, ‘cause I care about his feelings. I just say I’m going away for shabbos, or whatever. He understands that I care about his feelings and doesn’t ask too many questions, for his own sake. He’ll ask what I’m doing for a holiday, and I say I’m going to my grandmother’s (And I am. My dad’s folks don’t walk this earth and my grandmother’s getting old and she misses my Zaid.). My dad’s door is always open. I appreciate that.

    Enough about me...