Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sefirah Soundtrack / Theme Songs

I wrote something here about Lennon and my ride home tonight. I'll add to this list.

John Lennon: Instant Karma
(actually, you could probably do an entire sefira just with beatles songs, if you wanted to ... I'm tired, and will sleep now, but I will come back to this tomorrow or later this week.)
Put It There - Paul McCartney
Let Me Roll It - Paul McCartney (that has nothing to do with sefirah, I just like it)

... further development on the sefirah theme ...

Time to put the spiritual money where the mouth is. Engaging in extra acts of VLK during sefirah. One a day. (two, now, 'cause sefirah's been going for a while) I'm up for the challenge.

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