Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hot for Caro

Not hot like sexual attraction, I just want to read some stuff my him. I've seen lots of his stuff quoted. Next stop:
I know a bit about angelic mentors. He may have had what I have, just without medication. There is a long history of correlations between the two. Please don't think I'm sticking my nose in kabbalah without a seatbelt on. I was looking up even haezer, and I wound up there. But when I was here and I read this:

Maggid Meisharim: Rabbi Caro's only overtly kabbalistic work, comprising teachings that he learned from a heavenly maggid, an angel that privately taught him. It was published in two parts: the first part, covering Bereishit to Metzora, was published in Lublin in 5405; the second part, completing the Torah and on Prophets and Writings, was published in Venice in 5414. Rabbi Chaim David Azulai (the Chida) notes that only about one fiftieth of the manuscript was ever published.

The work covers an astonishing variety of subjects, including ethical exhortations, explanations of the ten sefirot, secrets of Creation, the Divine Names, levels of the soul, treatises on the revelation of Elijah the Prophet, reincarnation and resurrection of the dead, miracles, Divine Providence and free choice, dream interpretation, the mystical intentions of eating, the mystical intentions of some of the mitzvot, the nature of sin and the harm it causes, and mystical interpretations of passages in the Torah.

my TLE radar went off, so to speak, and I knew I wanted to read more. But I doubt I'll find a copy of it easily. It's on my to-read list.

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