Thursday, April 24, 2008

The theoretical guide to kosher l'pesach (do not try this at home)

I love mishegas. This is humor, and I'm no rav, but this does reflect the logic of my thought process when analyzing what's theoretically not chametz (lack of hashgacha notwithstanding) on a tight schedule and a tight budget. Other than having some tofu, I've been doing pretty well, this year. I need to stop at my bubbie's house to get some leftovers (hopefully already frozen).

-some things at Taco Bell (if you eat there, you know what they are), 'cause tortillas and hard shell tacos don't rise (I'm not a big Mexican foods eater, but hopefully you get the idea)
-Wendy's baked potatoes
-baked potato cart in midtown Manhattan
-Boston Market (minus cornbread, stuffing and anything else obviously chametz)
-tofu (it might really be; I didn't look into it, it comes from soy beans, I'm part sfard; that works)
-any Chinese/Asian food that is not breaded
-all beans, rice, corn and anything else sfardim eat, whether you're sfard or not
(I'm half-yekke, too)

I've been eating lots of cheese and fruits and vegetables and chocolate. What has been on your menu?

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